Inspiring you to change You are not alone “It is a joy to be hidden but a disaster not to be found” — DW Winnicott

Welcome to The Primrose Practice!

We offer discreet and confidential psychotherapeutic services. Founded by English speaking therapist and private practitioner Sophie Frost, our practice promotes wellness in Berlin. Specializing in international relocation, we provide expert counseling, psychotherapy and treatment options for those suffering from a range of mental health related issues.

Treatment Services

English speaking therapy in Berlin
Integrative psychotherapy and expat resources
Individual Counselling
Mindfulness practice coaching
Couple’s counselling 
Advice and information about treatment services

We can help with

Anxiety disorders
Eating disorders
Relationship problems
Expatriate issues for overseas living
Cancellation/social exclusion
Grief and Loss
Sexuality issues
Trauma and abuse history