How it works

Reach out

Whether you are looking for a therapist in BerlinĀ or simply living in Germany and looking for some guidance, the first step is to reach out and get in touch, either by phone call or an email. Your enquiry is entirely confidential and will be answered personally by one of our therapists.


Initial consultation

The first step to changing your life may seem daunting, but if you have finally decided that you want to start looking for help it is important to see what is available. Finding the right therapist in Berlin can be difficult, especially an English speaking therapist. This initial consultation allows you to speak about what you may be looking for and learn about how we could possibly help you without having to make a commitment. If you do feel you want to arrange for continuing sessions, then you can arrange this with the therapist after the meeting.


Individual counselling sessions

These sessions are arranged between you and your therapist on a day and time that suits you both. These are weekly on-going meetings. These sessions provide a safe and confidential space to start to explore and work through the issues that have brought you to counselling with a professional and caring English speaking therapist in Berlin who is very experienced in working with people.


Online sessions

In addition to our weekly one to one sessions that take place in our office, we also offer the opportunity for online sessions for people who are travelling often with work or other commitments. This enables us to keep up the consistency of the therapy work, but also allows for the flexibility required so often in our modern global world. We also offer the chance for online only sessions for suitable patients not living in Berlin.


Mindfulness practice

We have seen that when mindfulness is practiced alongside the psychotherapeutic sessions a deeply healing and complimentary process can take place, especially for people suffering with extreme stress symptoms. We offer resources and guidance in setting up your own mindfulness practice.


Support groups for expats in Berlin

Finding an English speaking therapist can be a vital first step but support groups can be an important compliment to your therapy in Berlin. These groups offer international expats a chance to express themselves with other people who are also experiencing emotional difficulties. Often times when we are struggling, we feel that we need to struggle alone. The group offers people a chance to grow and develop with the help of others, and also provides a place where a more emotional support group can be developed.



A combination of information and inspiration, these workshops are designed for anyone to attend who may want to learn more about one particular area. If you are interested please check out our Facebook and Twitter for updates.