Happy 2018 from The Primrose Practice!

English speaking therapy uprooted living in Berlin 2018

Happy 2018 from The Primrose Practice! To all of the uprooted souls, dreamers, fellow sufferers, members of this complicated human species, as well as all of the other species that we have the joy of sharing this planet with, we wish you another year of painful and wonderful growth.  May you have the strength this year to look within and work upon the twisted aspects of your love in every way that you can so that you can thrive and survive as we all strive to make this planet filled with more love, animals and trees.

Whether you are living in Berlin and looking for an English speaking therapist or just looking for companionship on your road of self discovery we hope that we can keep providing more therapy in Berlin, insights, writings, musings and resources for the aching, curious souls amongst us.

Let this year be a year of dedicated healing for us as individuals and for the planet. ¬†Happy 2018 and let’s make this planet great again!


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