6 Week Self Care Group.


Hello all! There is no doubt that we are living through turbulent times, culturally and as a planet.  We are all affected, reminded daily of our indelible connection with the web of life that holds us all, from the stories of refugees, of the youth fighting for a better future, to the polar bears and the coral reefs.  The psyche is a fragile organism, maintaining a tenuous bridge between inner and outer reality and the instability of our current moment is cause for important and conscious actions despite sending many of us into a trance of anxiety and self-doubt.

Self-care is something that we all hear about but all struggle to prioritize and sometimes to even know what it is.  Self-care is the essential part of our human experience that used to be an inbuilt part of living in a community.  Francis Weller, the great psychotherapist who has recently written an excellent book about grief (on our Summer reading list!) speaks directly to this.  He writes about the importance of ritual and initiation, once embedded in culture, which was once integral to human beings coming together and accessing themselves in deeper ways to heal and commune and develop in order to carry out the necessary work of community and preservation.

In many of our societies we have all but lost all or many of these important rituals and practices.  The aim of this group is to help us reconnect to practice, ritual, community and action in order to learn to provide ourselves the rest and care we need in order to tackle the struggles we find in our daily lives, individually and as a community.

Aditi Kulkarni is a caring English speaking psychotherapist and counsellor with her own private practice in Berlin.  She has extensive experience working with individuals, couples and groups.  Please contact info@theprimrosepractice.co.uk for more details or go directly to Aditi’s webpage www.mymindoasis.com

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