12 Steps for Psychological Growth

12 Steps for Psychological Growth

1. I am not in a good place

-Acknowledge the problem to yourself

2. Is it possible to change or do something about it?

– Consider what could be possible

3. Seek help outside yourself

4. Admit to yourself the nature of your problems/grievances/resentments/shortcomings

-Write down all the things that have fucked you up

-Catalogue the things that happened or were said that made you feel separateness, pain or inadequacy

-Be honest about your shortcomings

5. Tell a trustworthy other.

-Admit this to another person.

-Not need to carry the shame alone anymore

-Not live in a pain based identity anymore

6. Once you have identified your patterns are you willing to let them go?

-Can you see how they have contributed to your current situation?

-Can you let some of these ways of coping and behaving go?

7. Are you willing to live in a new way that is not just about you?

-Are you willing to be humble?

-Are you willing to be tolerant?

-Can you think beyond yourself?

8. Can you apologise to all the people that you have hurt?

-Can you embrace reconciliation, humility, apology as guiding principles?

-What does it feel like to be reminded that you don’t disregards others carelessly or self-harm/harm anymore

-Don’t treat other human beings as if they exist to serve you.

-Remind yourself of this.

-Everyone has their own story, their own journey.

-Recognize where apology amends would be more hurtful

9. Watch out for your destructive thinking and be aware when it happens

-You are being aware of thoughts, feelings, behaviours

10. Stay connected to your new perspective and don’t act out

11. Take daily actions that reflect on your own behaviours, attitudes and thoughts

12. Look at life less selfishly, less self-centredly, can you help others,

-We actively unpick the great problem of our age: narcissim and obsession with self

-Are you being positive?

-Have you done anything for anyone else today?


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