Happy 2020 from The Primrose Practice!

And just like that another decade begins.  This year we wish you the ever more important challenge of getting closer to consciousness.  As we deepen our practice of mindfulness and truth-searching, whether in psychotherapy or through the dedication of self analysis or other development practices, we shine a light on what within us is unconscious in order to see our patterns and those of others for what they truly are.  As we get closer to the true nature of things we are better able to recognise what no longer serves us and what we can let go of.  We learn to begin the empowering step of taking back our judgements and projections, allowing empathy and love for others to rule, and fear and hatred to be recognized as mere symptoms of our wounding.  This year may your depression and anxiety, addictions and compulsions, anger and shame, violence and trauma be gently healed through loving connections, practice and dedication.  From our therapy practice in Berlin to wherever you are – Happy New Year and Happy 2020!

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